Personalized Consulting services for Equity & Derivative Market Traders

We made a team of consultants who have years of experience & technical research expertise & follow a strict philosophy of Capital preservation. With the use of Advanced Charting Technology & simulated Algorithms we provide a list of advisory services that may be suitable for a wide audience. Hard Work, Motivation, Innovation along with a continous Education process of our Consultants has helped us emerge as a leader in our domain.

Equity Consulting Services

An insatiable desire to create nothing less than the best research & consulting platform for our clients that will help transform their trading activities is the main driving force behind our endeavour.

We have designed a wide variety of services for the short term trader in the Equity Markets. The use of advanced technical tools help us provide for unmatched accuracy. We give due to importance to Risk Management of a client's positions as we believe it to be the stepping stone of profiting from the short term market volatility that draws in a million traders on to the street every weekday at 9 AM!

Checkout our precise list of services that have been designed for the Cash Market Trader.

Intraday Calls

2-3 intraday calls daily are provided daily in A & B group stocks. Intraday calls have a target range of 2%. The service is based on the analysis of Bollinger Band contraction theory on (5/30D, 1/10 min) charts.

Intraday Jackpot Calls

We initiate only 1 jackpot call daily in Cash Market with unmatched accuracy for a target range of 3-5%. The service is based on reversal patterns that may be seen on ADX & Mass Index indicators beyond Pivot Levels.

Premium Calls

Premium Calls include 6-8 recommendations per month which are delivery based for a target time frame of 3-15 days. The recommendations are based on crossovers found in Oscillators such as the RSI & Stochastics.

Quantity Regulation & Hedging is the key for sustained success in stock markets. For Cash Market traders it is pertinent for us to know about your broker's margin funding system. We would also like to know about the level of exposure with which you are generally comfortable with. Your Consultant shall always ensure that your account is well protected during volatile times.

Derivatives Services

F&O Calls

In this service you will get 1-2 F&O calls daily & 3 Positional Calls per month. The target range is of 1-3% in Intraday calls & 3-5% in Positional calls. Advanced Technical tools such as PPO & StochRSI are used to initiate such calls.

Nifty Jackpot Calls

You will get 1 Nifty Intraday call daily & 2 Positional Calls per month with a target range of Target profit of 30 points in Intraday & 100 points in Positional calls.

Option Calls

There will be 1-2 option calls daily & 5-6 positional option calls every month for a target range of 15-20% and 50-70% respectively.

Who are we  

We were established 5 years ago to this date in 2008 amidst a global meltdown that can easily be remembered down as one of the most volatile times in the recent history of the Indian stock markets. With an experience of dealing with 25k+ clients today we have emerged as one of the most premier consulting companies in India. We go by our Success Principle "fairness", "transparency" & "integrity".

Trade With Our Partner Stock Broker

Sign Up for a Trading Account

We have tied up with one of India's leading stock brokers. We hereby recommend the services of our partner brokers. All clients who sign up for a trading account with our partner broker shall be eligible to receive Lifetime Free Advisory services from our desk. Log on to your account to complete your KYC details & upload your documents to receive your filled in Application form within 72 hours.

On receiving the KYC form you will need to sign in the form & courier it back to us along with the supporting documents. Please note that ours is only an advisory role & this is not an offer for Portfolio Management Scheme as per SEBI (Portfolio Managers) Regulations, 1993. As per SEBI Investment Advisers Regulation 2013 No. LAD-NRO/GN/2012-13/31/1778 Section (18) part 1, we are hereby required to disclose our affiliations with other subsidiaries in this case being M/S Green Financials vide SEBI Regn. No. INS238090216. As per Disclosures Section 18 (II) of the SEBI Regulation we hereby declare that brokerage revenue to the tune of 50% is shared between us and M/S Green Financials for all clients introduced by us.

Technical Demonstration

Checkout the technical expertise of your consultant

By applying for a free technical demonstration you can have a first hand experience as to whether the success of the stock ideas during the trial was a matter of luck or a play of technicals. To learn more on charting checkout our technical corner.

Multiple Payment Options

Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking or Cash/Cheque Deposit

Your account will immediately show your payment details on your dashboard. For Cash or Cheque Deposits you will need to submit your payment details in your account which will be reflected after banking verification. Click here for our Bank A/C details.

Chat with Expert

Live Chat support during Market Hours

Connect to your Consultant or with other Senior Analysts live during market hours by online chat option from your account. You may also start a chat with our Sales, Broking, Technical & Banking department; all with a few click in your account.

Consultant - Client Interaction

See a history of your prior interactions.

No customer likes to explain themselves twice. And no consultant likes to be in the dark about a customer's history. With a click of a button, you can view all your past interactions or raise a query or a complaint; still better give us a feedback.

Know more about our services

360° Client Access Portal

We designed a simple 360° process so as to help better connect our consultants with you. Checkout the various features of our portal. Read More 

About Us

An insatiable desire to create nothing less than the best research & consulting platform for our clients that will help transform their trading activities is the main driving force behind our endeavour. Read More

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